Founded at Ulutek Technology Development Center in 2013 in Bursa Uludag University Görükle Campus, our company offers automation solutions in Quality Control and Process operations by using Machine Vision Technologies. Our company has been serving in Bursa and its surrounding industrial areas since its establishment and has expanded its service network with the R&D and Project Office opened in Istanbul in 2018.

Increasing production quantities and 100% quality requirements, and the variable vision capacity of the human eye have caused in the industry the demand for systems that see the same thing and report it all without being tired of . Machine vision systems, which have developed rapidly in recent years, are presented as custom solutions that are needed for businesses in almost all industries. Our company has proved its competence in this field with the systems it has designed for many leading industrial organizations of our country, primarily automotive.

As AKU VISION Technologıes, our scope of activity,our interest and our studies are only on machine vision. Meanwhile:

1. We Design: We are developing our own products and putting them on the market.
2. We Offer Solutions: We are making turnkey projects that are developed in line with customer demands.
3. We Provide Components: We supply, sell and support machine vision elements (camera, lens, lighting, IO, etc.).
4. We Train: We provide all the training necessary to develop machine vision practice.
5. We Consult: We provide consultancy services for R&D applicants, private project negotiations, collaborations and technological evaluations.
6. We Respect Social Responsibility: We believe in openness, transparency and information sharing. We share our technology with professionals, amateurs, interns, students or anyone with a curiosity. We publish blogs, technical articles, and open source codes.

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